Below is an interactive Google map starting from the toll booths at the intersection of I-95 and I-90 near Boston:

The overview is that you will go West on I-90, take I-87 around Albany and rejoin I-90 on the West side. You'll take I-88 toward Binghamton at exit 25a. Near Binghamton you'll get on I-81 North, get off at Whitney Point, then take Route 79 West all the way to Ithaca. On the far side of Ithaca you'll pick up Route 89 North along the West shore of Cayuga lake, and then you'll suddenly find the driveway and you're there!

One hint about I-88: there are not a lot of services conveniently placed along the route. There are a couple of rest areas, but most of the restaurants are a good way off the highway. Your best bet is Exit 15 in Oneonta, where there's lots of fast food and gas stations immediately to the south of the exit.

Note: for printing, it's best to go to the larger map with the turn-by-turn directions and print from there.

When you hit the city limits on the East side of Ithaca, here are the directions:

  • Head northwest on NY-79/E State St for 1.9 mi
  • Turn right at N Meadow St/NY-13/NY-34/NY-96, go one block and get in the left lane
  • Turn left at W Buffalo St/NY-89/NY-96, go through one light, then over the railroad tracks
  • Turn right at the second light, NY-89/Taughannock Blvd go North for 8.2 mi

You'll see a "Scenic Byway" sign on the right:


Slow down, you're almost at our driveway, which is on the right after the second guardrail and just before the third guardrail following the Byway sign. There is a large "L" in red reflectors on our mailbox post on the left side of the road just before our driveway. There's a green sign with “1651 1655” on it near the guardrail at the top of the driveway. For those GPS'ing it, the coordinates are 42.53839N, 76.58938W, altitude 480 feet, although most maps know about 1651 Taughannock Blvd, too.

When you turn into the driveway, please go very slowly, the driveway is gets very steep, very quickly!

If you get to Taughannock Park, you've gone about a half mile too far. Turn around follow these instructions since you’re now coming from the North.

Coming down Route 89 from the North

Google says that the driveway is 33.2 miles from the intersection of Route 89 and Routes 5 & 20 near Waterloo. We’re about 1/2 mile south of Taughannock State Park. As you come up the hill from the park, you will pass a 55 MPH speed limit sign on the right. Almost immediately on the left (lake side) of the road you will see a grouping of three white buildings (#1665). Our driveway is immediately after the next guardrail on the left.

from north

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